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01.01.2003 -jam - grapefruit

Pink grapefruit preserve with ginger and honey

« This preserve will melt the heart of any lover of marmalades and other citrus jellies. Besides being wonderful on toast, this preserve is a very useful ingredient for poultry prepared with citrus fruit or sweet and sour sauces » 
Type Preserve - jam - citrus fruit - pink grapefruit - ginger - honey
Level of difficulty easy
Preparation time 1 hour
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For 1¾ lb (800 g) preserve:

  • 4 pink grapefruit
  • 9 oz (250 g) honey (acacia honey, chestnut tree honey)
  • 1 ¼ cups (250 g) sugar
  • ½ oz (15 g) fresh ginger


  • Grate zest of one grapefruit
  • Remove flesh of 4 grapefruit and pull off all skins from pulp
  • Grate ginger very finely
  • Blanch zest
  • Boil water in pan over high heat
  • Scald zest in water for 3 min
  • Cool in cold water and drain
  • Chop zest very finely

Preparation of preserve

  • Pour honey and sugar into a pan or preserving pan over moderate heat
  • Bring sugar and honey mixture to a boil without stirring until sugar crystals are fully dissolved
  • Add grated ginger, grapefruit pulp and grapefruit zest
  • Crystallize over low heat for 30 to 40 min until mixture thickens. This preserve never thickens a whole lot. The consistency you're looking for is between marmalade and jam
  • Pour into previously sterilized glass jars.


You can add cloves , crushed pistachios, green cardamom or a few almonds to this recipe.
Go ahead and add more zest if you like a stronger taste. You can also add orange zest or lemon zest.
You can use this preserve in many of the sauces prepared to accompany poultry or to make the sweet and sour sauces used in Asian cooking.

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