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saturday 18 August 2018  
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19.10.2008 -entrée - scallops

Scallops with mushrooms

« Scallops are extraordinary because they marry well with a variety of non-marine ingredients. Today, the world of the sea meets the world of mushrooms - 2 universes that will never cease to amaze me. » 
Type Hot starter - entréeShellfishScallopsMushroomsCoquilles St Jacques
Level of difficulty medium
Preparation time 15 minutes
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Serves 4


Cook the Scallops

  • Shuck the fresh scallops
  • Wash them under running water to remove all sand
  • Separate the scallop flesh from the coral and beard (the flesh surrounding the scallop)
  • Melt about 1 tbsp (20 g) butter in a very hot pan
  • Add scallops and mushrooms to pan Cook 1 minute per side
  • Keep warm

Prepare the Sauce

  • Deglaze pan with chicken stock
  • Add thyme, bay leaf, and scallop coral and beard
  • Reduce by half
  • Add salt and pepper to taste Strain sauce before serving


  • Stand mushrooms in the center of a hot plate and sprinkle a little chopped flat-leaf parsley over them
  • Arrange scallops around mushrooms and spoon sauce over them


You may serve this entrée with a green salad including lamb's lettuce with chervil. You could season it with, for example, a mixture of aged wine vinegar and hazelnut oil.

If you try different varieties of mushrooms, let me know as I am anxious to find the best possible choice.

I'd like to try mixing some seaweed with the mushrooms. Would mushrooms go well with a highly iodic ingredient?


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