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Tuesday 21 August 2018  
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01.01.2003 -main dish - lamb

7 hour leg of lamb

« The perfect dish for entertaining because its long cooking time leaves time to prepare the other dishes for the meal. And the cooked lamb meat exudes its juices and aromas. » 
Type Main dish - leg of lamb - mutton - white wine - garlic - lamb
Level of difficulty easy
Preparation time 7 HR 15 minutes
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Ingredients to serve 4:


  • a 40/40 cm muslin


  • Preparation of the ingredients
    Pare and slice onions thinly, repeat for carrot.
    Cook garlic cloves in their skin in boiling water 3 min.
    Rub leg of lamb with coarse salt.
    Place on muslin, surround with garlic cloves and tie together.
  • Preparation
    Put sliced onions and carrots, sage leaves and peppercorns in casserole.
    Place leg of lamb on top of other ingredients and pour on 1 pint (half a liter) of white wine, then water until meat is covered.
    Put lid on casserole dish.
  • Cooking
    Set oven to 300 ºF (150 °C), and slide in closed casserole dish. Cook 7 hours.
  • Presentation
    Untie leg of lamb and remove from muslin. Carve and serve on a platter with whole garlic cloves.


The perfect accompaniment for 7 hour leg of lamb are some nice mashed potatoes with some crushed garlic cloves, or potatoes au gratin cooking stock poured on top. (Gratin Dauphinois -Scalloped potatoes- , Scalloped potatoes with Roquefort and walnuts)

Suggested drink or wines

try a "Marginal" Saumur Champigny by Thierry Germain

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