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Tuesday 21 August 2018  
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01.01.2003 -dessert - tiramisu

Venetian Tiramisu

« A twist on the famous Tiramisu which is to dessert what carbonara is to antipasti among the great successes of Italian cuisine. » 
Type Dessert TiramisuMascarponeSpoon CookiesMarsalaCherriesCoffeeOrange Zest
Level of difficulty gemakkelijk
Preparation time Preparation: 30 min Refrigeration: 6 hrs
Origin Italy - Venice
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Serves 4


Prepare the Mascarpone Mixture

  • Place the 3 egg yolks in a large bowl
  • Beat eggs to a creamy consistency
  • Whiten the eggs with the sugar, that is, slowly add sugar while beating to obtain
  • a lump-free consistency
  • Add instant coffee, Mascarpone, orange zest and continue to mix The
  • consistency should be creamy and light

Prepare the Biscuits

  • Pour coffee and amaretto into a plate
  • Dip halved champagne biscuits in the coffee-amaretto mixture Let biscuits soak
  • in some of the mixture without letting them disintegrate

Assembling in a Bowl

  • Line the bottom of a bowl with champagne biscuits
  • Spread a layer of the Mascarpone mixture, ideally with a pastry bag
  • Repeat until bowl is filled, making sure to finish with a layer of mascarpone mixture
  • Refrigerate bowl for 6 hours


  • Cover the bottom of a plate with custard
  • Delicately unmould bowl onto plate
  • Sprinkle cocoa over all
  • Decorate with a few amaretto cherries


For decoration, you may also add a small fresh mint leaf. Sprinkle the edges of the plate with cocoa before pouring custard.
There are many variations of tiramisu. Don’t hesitate to try a few other ingredients as well. The basic tiramisu recipe is an invitation to creativity.
Red berries go very well with this base. Just avoid adding chocolate shavings or any granular ingredient to the mascarpone mixture, as this will tend to make it lose its foamy consistency.

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