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Tuesday 21 August 2018  
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01.01.2003 -dessert - speculaas

Speculaas tiramisu

« The recipe for the famous Italian Tiramisu is reworked here into a Belgian version. The lady fingers have been replaced by speculaas, which add a delicious spicy aroma to the whole dessert. I'm sure you'll enjoy it » 
Type Dessert - tiramisu - mascarpone - coffee - marsala - speculaas
Level of difficulty easy
Preparation time Preparation: 15 minutes – Resting: 4 hours
Origin Italy - Belgium
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Serves 6:


  • Break eggs and separate egg whites from yolks
  • Whiten egg yolks, gradually adding brown and vanilla sugars
  • Mix well, adding sugar to obtain an even, foamy mixture. Eggs and sugar should form a very firm ribbon.
  • Add mascarpone to eggs and mix with a whisk
  • Beat egg whites until quite stiff
  • Fold egg whites into egg / mascarpone mixture. Fold in carefully with a spatula, lifting mixture gently. Make sure egg whites do not collapse.
  • In a deep dish, mix coffee with marsala (with maybe a bit of caramel)
  • Dip speculaas cookies briefly in dish. Do not oversoak so cookies remain a little firm. The inside of the lady fingers should remain dry.
  • Line bottom of terrine or dish with a layer of cookies
  • Cover layer of cookies with mascarpone and egg mixture.
  • Alternate layers of cookies and cream
  • End with a layer of cream.
  • Refrigerate dish for 4 h.
  • Serve portions sprinkled with unsweetened cocoa


  • You can replace the marsala with other liquors. You can use a dark rum, a coffee liqueur, vanilla liqueur or a vanilla rum arrangé. I also recommend you add a bit of caramel to your coffee alcohol mix.
  • The egg yolks can also be whitened with vanilla sugar, a mixture of powdered sugar and golden syrup or with a bit of honey.
  • If you make your own speculaas, you can make 5 cm square cookies. This will allow you make individual servings by alternating the cookies and layers of mascarpone cream.

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