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12.10.2008 -drink-liqueur

Liqueur vieux garçon

« Very practical for making the best use out of any excess fruit from your personal orchard: some fruit, sugar, alcohol. . .and you have a nice little liqueur to savor wisely. . . » 
Type Drink - beverage - liqueur - eau de vie - alcohol - digestif red berries
Level of difficulty easy
Preparation time min 1 month
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  • A large stoneware jug is ideal as a container for macerating the mixture. The container should be able to hold several kilograms of fruit.


  • For this recipe, it is not necessary to add all the fruit at the same time. You can add new fruit as you pick it from your garden.
  • Wash the fruit, wipe and dry it off, taking care to remove the pits from peaches, plums and apricots. You can leave the pits in cherries Remove the seeds from the red currants
  • Put the fruit in the stoneware jug
  • Add sugar according to the quantity of fruit used (3 ½ lb (750 g/kg))
  • Pour the eau de vie over the fruit and sugar
  • Seal the stoneware jug and store it in a cool, dry place
  • Add new fruit as and when they become available, taking care to add the necessary quantities of sugar and alcohol
  • Fill the jug to ¾ inch (2 cm) from the top and then top off with alcohol
  • Seal the lid and set aside for at least one month
  • Check regularly to see if any mold has appeared If mold is present, remove it and add a little alcohol


You can use just about any combination of fruits you desire. Nevertheless, take care not to add fruits with overpowering flavors. Fruits like melons and strawberries, for example, may eclipse all other flavors; make sure you use these fruits in smaller proportions.

As a suggestion for serving, you may wish to serve this liquor to liven up desserts:
fruit cups, ice cream

Lastly, adding this liqueur to your children’s dessert after lunch will guarantee you a calm and restful afternoon.


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