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Tuesday 21 August 2018  
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01.01.2003 -dessert - chocolat

Chocolate delight

« It’s impossible to find anything moister or creamier than this. This cake, full of chocolate that melts in your mouth, is absolutely irresistible. If you bake the cake in a rectangular mold or a classic cake mold, it could very well replace the Christmas Yule log. Serve as is, with a red berry coulis, or with chestnuts. » 
Type Dessert - cake - chocolatedark chocolate chocolate fondant
Level of difficulty easy
Preparation time Preparation: 20 min Cooking: 3 hr
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Serves 6

  • 9 oz (250 g) 70% dark chocolate
  • 9 oz (250 g) butter
  • 9 oz (250 g) sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 tbsp flour
  • 1 tsp lemon juice


Preparation of ingredients:

  • Break the chocolate into pieces
  • Separate the egg whites from the yolks
  • Beat the yolks into a uniform texture
  • Place the chocolate pieces and butter in round-bottomed mixing bowl and melt them in a bain-marie
  • Remove bowl from the bain-marie and allow to cool a bit
  • Butter a mold and dust it with flour



  • Blend the beaten egg yolks, sugar and flour into the chocolate
  • Mix the ingredients into a cream with uniform consistency
  • Beat the egg whites very stiff while adding the teaspoon of lemon juice (which makes them stiffer)
  • Delicately blend the egg whites little by little into the chocolate cream
  • Pour the mixture into the mold
  • Put your mold in the bain-marie, and put the bain-marie in a casserole; cover and allow to bake for 3 hours at low heat
  • Turn the cake out of the mold only after it has cooled completely
  • Decorate as you wish

Suggested drink or wines

Suggested wine: Banyuls Cirera Domaine Madeloc 2003

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