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thursday 19 July 2018  
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Potato recipes

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Lamb Tajine
14 05 2008 - 01:33 - tajine - main dish
I love
stewed dishes and lamb is a meat that lends itself perfectly to this type of cooking. Like all tajines, it's a favourite for dinner parties where guests serve themselves from the dish placed in the middle of the table
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Potato salad with cumin and cilantro
05 05 2008 - 21:34 - SALAD - POTATO
My Moroccan uncle showed me this recipe and I must admit that I love these
potatoes bathed in cumin oil lightly flavored with lemon. It can be served warm or cold. I prefer the cold version, which is a really delicious addition to any cold buffet or picnic.
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Traditonal tartiflette
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - main dish - potato
Are you looking for a nice lean dish for your diet? Well, this is not the recipe for you. This recipe from the Haute Savoie mountains is a perfect way to fend off winter while taking a break from raclettes or fondues when you want to base your meal on
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Gratin Dauphinois (Scalloped potatoes)
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - side dish - potato
Here's that famous
Gratin Dauphinois (scalloped potato) recipe with its traditional ingredients. Note it doesn't include either eggs or cheese… Whatever recipe is used, this gratin is the perfect accompaniment for leg of lamb. In short, it will probably be pretty hard to avoid it during the holiday season!
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French Onion Soup
14 10 2008 - 15:33 - soup - onion
Revellers will be happy to be able to shake the cobwebs as New Year’s Eve winds down in the early morning hours. It will also be a great help on New Year’s Day when the effects of the
parties begin to be felt
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Leg of Lamb Boulangere
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - main course - leg of lamb
A good, traditional recipe handed down from wash day in villages where the women let the
lamb cook slowly in the baker's oven while they were at the wash house. When they came back they took a dish to the baker's and their delicious, warming dinner was ready.
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Lamb curry with mashed sweet potatoes
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - main course - lamb
A magnificent
Indian curry that will enchant you with flavors from a subtle mix of spices combined with lamb. Everything is so deliciously united by the yoghurt velouté.  
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Atlas mountain lamb with almonds and coriander (Morocco)
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - main course - lamb
coriander and almonds go well with the delicate flavors of the lamb chops, thus offering a lamb dish with oriental flavors. The world’s cuisine connoisseurs will delight in this dish.
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