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Avocados recipes

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04 05 2008 - 12:28 - Dips - avocado - sauce
Hola amigos… today we are inviting Mexico, or rather one of its most distinguished representatives, to join us for an aperitif. I am talking about the king of
dips – the “salsa” world champion – guacamole. Must be enjoyed with a good Margarita!”
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Crab verrines with avocados and grapefruit
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - starters - crab
Fresh and tasty, easy to make, and enjoyed by everyone, this all-season
starter is ideal for buffets and meals in the garden.
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Tropical shrimp salad with avocado
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - appetizer - salad
A delicious combination of
tropical flavors that will be a delight in hot weather. Tasty fruit combined with a little touch of rum is exquisite as an accompaniment to shrimp.
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