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monday 25 June 2018  
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Parsley recipes

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Two salmon tartar
23 07 2008 - 22:06 - appetizer - salmon
cold appetizer is probably one of the best ways to enjoy the full flavor of salmon. It is cool and light yet very refined. It will go well with your holiday menus and it won’t spoil your fun because it can be prepared in advance.
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Burgundy snails
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - starte - snails
You will discover how the slowness of
snails contrasts with the speed at which your guests will devour this dish ! What a pleasure it is to wipe the sauce off your plate to fill up on delicious garlic butter.
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Cep sauce
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - sauce - mushrooms
Make the most of the
mushroom season and try out this fabulous little cep mushroom sauce to accompany your pasta or poultry dishes. I think this Bordeaux cep sauce is one of the best symbols of the fall season. 
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Rack of Lamb with Parsley
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - main course - lamb
I really like these racks of
lamb, as they can be beautifully presented with the ends of the ribs lined up proudly on the plate.
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