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wednesday 22 August 2018  
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Appetizer recipes

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Two salmon tartar
23 07 2008 - 22:06 - appetizer - salmon
cold appetizer is probably one of the best ways to enjoy the full flavor of salmon. It is cool and light yet very refined. It will go well with your holiday menus and it won’t spoil your fun because it can be prepared in advance.
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Gaspacho from Seville (gazpacho)
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - cold soup - gaspacho

Today it’s my turn to suggest a version of this Spanish specialty that is really more a vegetable juice than a cold soup. Actually, it was never a hot soup.

Seeing that Patrick suggested the recipe for Andalusian gaspacho according to Bernard Pacaud, it is my turn to suggest a recipe that was inspired by a three-starred chef named Alain Ducasse.
I was inspired for this recipe by another recipe suggested by Alain Ducasse in his book, “Grand livre de cuisine d’Alain Ducasse: Méditerranée!

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04 05 2008 - 12:28 - Dips - avocado - sauce
Hola amigos… today we are inviting Mexico, or rather one of its most distinguished representatives, to join us for an aperitif. I am talking about the king of
dips – the “salsa” world champion – guacamole. Must be enjoyed with a good Margarita!”
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07 05 2008 - 15:43 - cold starte - houmous
Here is a slightly lighter version of this great oriental cuisine classic that we often find on the table at our favorite Lebanese restaurants. This
chickpea purée is sure to be a hit while you or your guests nibble on appetizers.”
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Burgundy snails
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - starte - snails
You will discover how the slowness of
snails contrasts with the speed at which your guests will devour this dish ! What a pleasure it is to wipe the sauce off your plate to fill up on delicious garlic butter.
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Scallop terrine
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - terrines - scallops
A very impressive
terrine… A concentration of scallops to be served as an appetizer to a blue-shelled lobster from Brittany. This recipe will be perfect for your holiday banquets.
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Sautéed foie gras with grapes
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - appetizer - foie gras
Sautéed foie gras is probably the preparation that brings out the best flavor of this fine product. It combines well with several products: ceps, ginger bread, red fruit, figs and even sauerkraut…and for this New Year’s Eve, why not try grapes?
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Mushrooms stuffed with Honeyed Goat's Cheese and Fines Herbes
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - appetizer - mushrooms
These stuffed
mushrooms are a real delicacy that you will enjoy munching as an "amuse-bouche" with an aperitif. They go beautifully with red meat or dishes with a red wine sauce.
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Tropical shrimp salad with avocado
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - appetizer - salad
A delicious combination of
tropical flavors that will be a delight in hot weather. Tasty fruit combined with a little touch of rum is exquisite as an accompaniment to shrimp.
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Semi-cooked foie gras with Maury and chocolate coulis
01 01 2003 - 00:05 - appetizer - foie gras
The surprise for the holiday season this year is the
chocolate-coated foie gras praline on the Belgian market. Let’s continue with the same concept and accompany foie gras with a chocolate and Maury wine based sauce
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